Ultimate Broker Program

A clear, easy-to-follow process for full-time mortgage brokers who want to:

"Get more appointments, clients and income with less effort."

Confidently increase your settlement volumes and personal income without compromise to customer service levels.  

Keep reading to find out how...  

Imagine this...

You are generating a consistent flow of qualified enquiries. You are doing more new-client appointments and submitting more deals. And you have an efficient loan process which means you are confidently writing more deals, knowing EVERY client is receiving an outstanding customer experience.

Your month-on-month submission and settlement volumes are increasing.

Your upfront income is growing, and so is your trail. New clients continue to be referred to you because of the outstanding reputation you've built, which means your pipeline remains full and settlement volumes are predictable.

That's exactly what I want for you. 

It's also why we have a very unique way of helping our clients succeed. A way that ensures that our success is based solely on providing exceptional value to our clients.

Who is James McCracken?

I'm the highest ROI'ing business strategist for mortgage brokers in Australia, and I help them scale using a proven business growth system that focuses on 3 key areas: Attract - Deliver - Grow. 

I've worked with MFAA, MPA Magazine, Loan Market, Mortgage Choice and several others to help them scale up, maximise business revenue and increase business efficiencies.

Here's How Ultimate Broker Works:

1. Ultimate Broker plan. You receive a literal step-by-step playbook to transform your business into a highly profitable brokerage. Our goal for you is to help you make more money by doing LESS things exceptionally well by following our system 2. Community. You get to build relationships and interact with other successful brokers in our community so you don't have to 'go it alone' 3. Business System. You receive the entire Ultimate Broker business system with the tools, scripts and templates others are using to increase their settlement volumes 4. Ongoing, live support. You get live, ongoing support, advice and accountability to help you stay focused on the key actions that actually produce results 5. Done for you. We will do some very specific marketing on your behalf to help you build your personal reputation and get more inbound referral enquiries 6. Personal introductions. You'll also receive personal introductions to our extensive network so you can get on with making things happen, fast

Here’s My Commitment:

Ultimate Broker has no lock-in contracts, though, like you, we also want to build long-term, trusted relationships with our clients. That's why our proposition and commitment to your success is very different. 

Specifically, if you're not happy with our service, in any month, you won't pay for it. Just let us know so we can contact you to resolve the problem immediately. 

Suffice to say want every member to settle more loans, increase their personal income and have a great experience. And, because we've got a scary guarantee (that puts a lump in our throat), we're committed to helping you get results.

And, like you, we also enjoy working with people who are a good fit. People who genuinely want to make things happen (and aren't just looking for a bunch of freebies because of our service proposition). 

So….to become a member…. 

You must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a full-time, established broker, operating for at least two years and you already understand how to package and submit a loan.
  • You must be generating some client referrals – as this demonstrates you provide quality service (we only work with ethical, service based brokers).
  • You recognise the value of investing in your own long-term success. Though we're committed to assisting you, your success your will require your effort as well. 
  • Increasing your settlement volumes and having more structure in your business must be of VERY high importance to you.

Why do we care about who becomes a member?

Simple. This is about building a community of good quality people who want to enjoy great results in their broking business. Our existing members expect new members to also be of a high calibre so that together, people can leverage each other's knowledge, skills and achieve more than they would if going it alone. 

And yes, we have a lot riding on our promise, so you can expect we will be committed to your success and focused on delivering great value for you.

Enquire about Ultimate Broker

If you’ve read this entire page and you’d like to find out if we’re a fit to work together, here’s what happens next: 

1. Fill out the form below. 

2. You’ll receive an initial short call from James (or his assistant) to find out more about what you want to achieve and if we believe we can help 

3. If we can help, we’ll then invite you to a longer call where together, we can personally map out a plan tailored to your business 

4. If you would like to get the ball rolling, we can discuss how Ultimate Broker works

What actual clients have to say about James...

James saved me months of mucking around - and helped me earn at least $50,000 more in my first 12-months than I would have achieved on my own. 

  - Andrew Rowlands

I’ve just had the best 3 months ever and I expect to earn an amazing salary this year, but more importantly, I’m really excited about what I’m doing and the difference it’s making to me and my clients.

- Ange Ucci


Since our meeting last week I have managed to pick up 8 new clients. It's as if we set events in motion just by actively taking the first step to makea change

- Ally Merchant