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Our brand is built around delivering results for you.  We care for you and your success and want you to achieve exceptional results just like other clients have.

Please listen to the case studies and feedback from other client’s


Case Study # 1: Stephen O’Reilly-Nugent

Stephen increased his loan settlement volume by approximately $25 million over 12 months and generated an additional $120,000 of up-front revenue in that period, which he has since realised many times over.


Case Study # 2: Shayne Betreen

Shayne Betreen shares how he’s been able to achieve a breakthrough turnaround in this business- from distracted, inconsistent and juggling many balls to mastering the art of doing fewer things well, getting more brokers onboard and building a brand and reputation where a lot more business now finds him.

Under James’ guidance, I’ve had my best ever month in 20 years. I’ve settled $5 million worth of loans and had another 3 property sales worth the same again – meaning this month alone has returned more than 800% of my annual investment.”

Clare Monkley
Love Finance, 02 4961 6988

James has been sharing ideas with me for close to a year. I have worked with James both one on one and in groups and always walked away with valuable information I can apply directly to my business. A lot of our discussions are around building my business model which is allowing growth due to generating greater numbers of referrals.

James shows genuine interest in my business and delivers up to and beyond expectations. I am confident in recommending James to anyone looking to work with someone who can help them develop their skills in attracting, winning and retaining new clients.

Tony Spies
Vital Wealth Group, 03 9078 8485

Your program far exceeded my expectations.  I loved the interaction, content and how it was delivered.  It was a pleasure to listen and learn – and having applied only a few parts of your program in the weeks following the program, I’ve already generated 3 leads that are now my clients… the program has paid for itself many times over.  Thanks!”

Ree El Gadaa
Mortgage Broker, Club FS, 0431 455 027

I wanted to learn new techniques when communicating with clients to generate more business and referrals.  I have gained confidence in the delivery approach to ask for referrals without sounding pushy or desperate which has led to more referrals and new clients.   James helped me get another perspective of generating business and to appreciate how as a broker I am a valuable part of my client’s lives and my involvement with their loan process relates to significant life milestones.”

Darko Jakovljevic
Wealthcorp, 0423 094 500, The Adviser 2013 Young Broker of the Year

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